The Abbasid Khilafah

752 CE, 134 A.H Beginning of Abbasid Khilafah.

755 CE, 137 A.H Revolt of Abdullah bin Ali. Murder of Abu Muslim.

756, 138 A.H Abdul Rahman founds the Umayyad state in Spain.

763 CE, 145 A.H Foundation of Baghdad. Defeat of the Abbasids in Spain.

767 CE, 150 A.H Khariji state set up by Ibn Madrar at Sijilmasa.

786 CE, 169 A.H Haroon Rashid becomes Khalifah.

792 CE, 175 A.H Invasion of South France.

800 CE, 184 A.H Scientific method is developed. Algebra is invented by Al-Khawarizmi.

805 CE, 189 A.H Campaigns against the Byzantines. Capture of the islands of Rhodes and Cypress.

809 CE, 193 A.H Death of Haroon Ar-Rashid. Accession of Amin.

814 CE, 198 A.H Civil war between Amin and Mamun. Amin killed and Mamun becomes the Khalifah. Bayt-ul-Hikmat is founded in his time.

900 CE, 287 A.H Pendulum developed by Yunus Al-Masri.

976 CE, 365 A.H Muhammad bin Ahmad introduces the number Zero.

1000 CE, 390 A.H Al-Haytham discovers that white light consists of various rays of colored light. The building of the Great Mosque of Cordoba is completed.

1005 CE, 395 A.H Mahmood Ghaznavi captures Multan and Ghur.

1055 CE, 447 A.H Baghdad is conquered by the Seljuk Turks. Abbasid-Seljuk rule starts, which lasts until 1258 when Mongols destroy Baghdad.

1085 CE, 477 A.H Christians get Toledo (in Spain).

1091 CE, 484 A.H Normans capture Sicily, ending Muslim rule there.

1095 CE, 488 A.H The first crusade takes place.

1099 CE, 492 A.H Crusaders capture Jerusalem. They mercilessly slaughter everyone inside its walls.

1100 CE, 493 A.H Muslims introduce negative numbers.

1144 CE, 538 A.H Imam-ud Din captures Edessa from Christians. Second crusade takes place.

1187 CE, 583 A.H Salahuddin captures Jerusalem from Christians in the most peaceful way possible. Third crusade takes place in which Christians only get Acre after months of bloodshed.

1194 CE, 590 A.H Muslims occupy Delhi, India.

1236 CE, 633 A.H Christians conquer Cordoba (in Spain).

1258 CE, 656 A.H Mongols sack Baghdad. Thousands of people killed and great libraries burned. Fall of Baghdad. End of Abbasid rule.