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Women in Islam

  • Women and the Masjid: Avoiding Extremes
  • Blessings of Hifz: A Mother's Story
  • Gender Bias in Fiqh Rulings? Not Really
  • Why I Shed Bikini for Niqab: The New Symbol of Women’s Liberation
  • Making Pakistan Safe for Rapists
  • UN Makes Big Strides in Campaign to Abrogate Shariah
  • Equity, not Equality
  • Fair Ladies for the Altar
    The women today need to be liberated from the tyranny of modern paganism, just like they needed to be liberated from the tyranny of ancient paganism.
  • Home, Sweet Home
    The destruction of the family in America, or the West in general, was not planned. It just happened as a logical result of the materialistic, hedonistic, Godless civilizational values that have gripped these societies. But the U.N. decree that the rest of the world must follow the same disastrous path, is something else. It is as if a person lost an eye to horseplay, and now wants everyone else to voluntarily have an eye removed!
  • The U.N. Shariah for the Muslim World
    Perhaps the greatest irony of this century is that a civilization that has put a nude or semi-nude picture of a woman on every square inch of available space, is giving lectures on the status of women to the civilization that treats them with dignity and respect. The greatest tragedy at the end of this century may be that the civilization that has totally messed up and destroyed the family life is now getting ready to dictate to the civilization that still has family life intact, on how to arrange its family affairs.
  • Veil: the View From the Inside
    Should we not listen to the woman who was raised and educated in the West, had first hand experience of the status of women in this society, then studied Islam and observed the life behind the veil, decided to cross the fence against all the propaganda about immediate doom, and has enjoyed life ever since? That woman does not exist in the propaganda world. She is never allowed to speak on the pages of "prestigious" publications. She has no rights! She is the one you should be listening to, to find the truth. She speaks on these pages. Listen to her.
  • Gold and Glitter
    The juggernaut of industrial revolution destroyed the old handicraft based economy and forced the workers to move to the sweat shops in big cities. They demanded, in vain, "family wages" so a man could support his family on his income. The capitalists would rather have the family also come to his service if it wanted to eat. There was no option but to send the women (and children) to the factory to make ends meet.

    Later, millions of other women came out of their homes and become sales girls, typists, secretaries, waitresses. Cheap labor. The process was given a moral purpose by the language of the feminist movement. It measured their "progress" by how many had been driven out of their homes.

    According to its convoluted logic if a woman serves food to her husband and children, it is slavery. If she provides the same service to total strangers in a restaurant or aircraft, risking their never ending advances, that is emancipation!
  • For Ever After...
    Obviously Science and the Age of Reason have not exactly delivered the happiest homes on earth. The secret to marital bliss eludes the Western civilization, although arrogance and conceit keep it from admitting fundamental flaws and looking elsewhere for solutions. Otherwise it would have found the solution in Islam.
  • Motherhood
    It is not by accident that pregnancy and nursing are purely feminine tasks. Allah has given women the special talents and psychological makeup needed to take care of the children. There is no substitute for mother's milk or mother's love. No one can extract and bottle motherly compassion. Her patience, kindness, willingness to sacrifice her own comforts, and her natural affinity for children -- and the children's natural affinity for the mother-- are the key to successful upbringing of children. A mother understands the children's problem even when they cannot express it. She can uniquely sense their needs, both physical and emotional.

    In a way their role is like that of the archer's in the battle of Uhud. It looked less important, but was the key to the fate of the entire army. If women hold on to their front, the entire army will succeed. If they leave it for "greater action" elsewhere, everyone will lose.

  • And They Called it Women's Liberation

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