Grade 6 Quiz

1 When was Khilafah abolished?
30 AH
1452 CE
1924 CE
890 AH

2 Which Salat we are urged to offer in congregation?
Jummuah and Eid
Jummuah, Eid, and Tarawih
All fard salats, Eid, and Tarawih

3 In what year did Muhammad Fatih conquer Constantinople?
1481 CE
1453 CE
1458 CE
1489 CE

4 Which countries border Iraq?
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, Jordan
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait

5 Which crusade was also known as the Sack of Constantinople?
First Crusade
Children's Crusade
Third Crusade
Fourth Crusade

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