Sajdah Tilawat

Sajdah tilawat is the sajdah that one has to perform as an obligatory duty when one reads, recites, or hears, in the prayer or outside, some specific verses containing those words. The Holy Prophet, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, has observed, "One a person prostrates himself after reading a verse requiring the performance of sajdah, the shaitan starts crying and wailing in a corner, saying: 'Alas! The children of Adam were enjoined to perform sajdah and they carried it out, and become entitled to enter Paradise, but I refused to do so and was condemned to Hell.'" (Muslim and Ibn Majah)

There are four pre-requirements:

  1. Purity of body, clothes, and place of sajdah.

  2. Covering of satr.

  3. Turning your face toward qiblah.

  4. Intention of performing sajdah.


  1. Stand facing the qiblah.

  2. Express the necessary intention.

  3. Go down for sajdah with Allahu-Akbar.

  4. Rise up with Allahu-Akbar after sajdah.

"When you have recited a verse requiring sajdah tilawat, you should go down for sajdah with Allahu-Akbar and rise from sajdah with Allahu-Akbar, which may be performed sitting, though it is preferable to prostrate oneself from the standing position." (Abu Dawood)