Men and Women Praying in the Same Room

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Posted: 2 Rajab 1424, 30 August 2003

Q.) Is it allowed for Muslims to pray together (man and women) in a room at home and these Muslims are not all from one family. For example, my family and the family of my brother or my family and the family of my neighbor.

A.) It is Sunnat-e-Muakkadah (emphasized Sunnah) for males to perform Salat with congregation in the masjid. According to some Fuqaha, it is wajib. Others say it is fardh. Every possible effort should be made by males to perform Salat with congregation at the Masjid. It is advisable for a female to perform Salat individually in the confines of her home.

Reverting to the query of males and females performing Salat together in one room, it is important to understand that if they are Ghayr Mahrams (not prohibited in marriage) unto one another, they should observe hijab from one another. Ghayr Mahram males and females should not be together in one room for any reasons, which include performing salat. In these times of corruption and evil, there should be more emphasis on the Shariah ruling of separation between Ghayr Mahram males and females. It is primarily for this reason that many Ulama prohibit females coming to the masjid. Those Ulama who permit females coming to the masjid also emphasize on them being completely separate. It is not permissible for Ghayr Mahram males and females to be in one room and perform Salat in congregation.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best