Inheritance from Non-Muslim Parents

By Mufti Taqi Usmani
Posted: 22 Jamad-ul-Awwal 1424, 10 July 2004

Q.) One of our colleagues has reverted to Islam, Alhamdo-Lillah!

Please answer her following question so that I can pass it to her. Jazak-Allah!

' I belonged to Christianity before embracing Islam. Do I still have rights to get inheritance / property from mother after her death (my father has already died). If my mother wants to give some part of her property to me and my kids, can I take that. Can I receive gifts from my mother, brothers, or sisters? All of my relatives are still Christian and I with my kids are the only one who reverted to Islam.'

She has also requested to make Dua for all her family members, especially for her mother to revert to Islam. [Tariq Sayeed]

A.) Please convey my congratulations to the lady who has embraced Islam. May Allah give her the best of rewards here and in the Hereafter, and facilitate her practice of Islam. May Allah guide her family members, especially, her mother to embrace Islam as well.

The answer to her question is that if her mother expires before accepting Islam, she will not be entitled to get a share in her mother's inheritance. However, if her mother gives her some part of property during her lifetime, or offers a gift to her, or to her kids, she is allowed in Shariah to accept it and benefit from it on the condition that such a gift does not affect her practice of Islam.