When the Imam Rushes Through Jalsah and Qawmah

By Ml. Imraan Vawda
Posted: 27 Rajab 1424, 12 September 2004

Q.) a.) How long does a person need to stay in the position of jalsah and qawmah in order to fulfill the criteria of a correct salat?

b.) Are there differences between the four schools of thought on this subject?

c.) If one does not carry out qawmah and jalsah properly, does it make the prayer void?

d.) What should a follower do if during congregational prayer, the imam is carrying out these acts hurriedly? Should one keep pace with the imam and not conduct qawmah and jalsah properly, or should one slightly lag behind him but perform these acts with composure? [Mohammed Farook, UK]

A.) a.) The body should come to a rest and should be motionless for at least the duration of saying "Subhanallah."

b.) The differences are very slight, as follows:

Hanafi: As above in a.

Shafi-ee: The downward motion should be separate or distinguishable from the upward motion.

Hambali: The body must come to a rest, even though for a very brief moment.

Maliki: The body must be motionless for a brief period. (Almusooatul Fiqhiyyah)

c.) No, the salat is not void.

d.) The follower should carry out the qawmah and jalsah correctly, even if in the process he may have to lag behind the imam.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best