Wasawis: Satanic Whispers

By Mufti Shafiq Jakhura and Mufti M.D. Mangera
Posted: 2 Rabi ul-Thani 1432, 7 March 2011

Q. I've been suffering from very strong wasawis for a long time. Recently it has caused me a lot of stress. A lot of times I think things or say thing in my mind then feel guilty afterwards and say Astagfirullah. I have become very paranoid lately and keep wondering if I uttered a word of shirk. I am unsure if I have and very scared of how I will face my Lord when I die. Please advise me.

A.Completely ignore these doubts and suspicions. Never allow this to have the better over you. In spite of these thoughts occupying your mind just execute the obligations of that time. Don’t ever delay the obligation on account of any thought, no matter how serious it may be. After having practiced this for some time, by the grace of Allah Ta`ala, you will find some form of ease.  We also suggest the following and Inshallah you will experience beneficial results:

1. Make abundant taubah and Istighfaar for the past and beg Allah Ta'ala's assistance and guidance after every salaah. Be grateful to Allah Ta'ala that he didn't allow you to be ruined and destroyed in this sin beyond a point of no return and without repenting .

2. For approximately 25-30 minutes every day conduct ta'leem and read up the lives and books of the pious. Fadhaail A'maal, Fadhaail Sadaqaat and Bahisti Zewar are very beneficial books in this regards.

3. Avoid all types of haram and doubtful foods, places, literature and people especially the media and it's evil influences like television, immoral magazines, newspapers, novels, videos/movies etc. Don't ever undertake suspicious works and never frequent places of suspicions etc. like malls, clubs, cinemas etc. Always guard your eyes and protect your chastity.

4. Increase the recitation of The Qur’an at home together with Zikrs and Durood Shareef.

5. Try to improve one's ways and habits and follow the sunnat as closely as possible.

6. Keep in contact with a pious especially a Sunnat adhering and experienced Shaikh or pious elder. Adhere to his teachings and advises. Alternately one may join the activities of the Tablighi Jamaat.

7. Beg Allah Ta'ala's forgiveness sincerely with complete remorse 20 times after every Salaah and read the following dua times, "Alahumma Innee Astaeenuka alaa Taa'atik" meaning "O Allah assist me towards your total obedience" with Durood Shareef thrice before and after, and thereafter cry, ask and beg Allah Ta'ala especially after Fajr and Maghrib after reciting Surah Yaseen. 

8. When troubled by such doubts recite “Aamantu Billahi wa Rusulihi”.

9. Do not allow yourself to remain idle. Occupy yourself with some permissible activity all the time. Especially, ensure that your mind remains occupied in permissible thoughts.