Going on Umrah without a Mahram

By M.D Mangera
Posted: 24 RABI Ul-THANI 1433, 17 March 2012

Q.)Is it permissible for a woman to perform Umrah with her friends who are travelling with their mehrams in a group?

A.)According to the Hanafi school of thought, a woman can only travel on a journey of more than 78 kms (about 48 miles) be this for Umrah, Hajj or otherwise, if she is accompanied by her husband or a Mahram relative. Mahrams refer to those males that are perpetually haram for her to marry, like her father, grandfather, brothers of her father and mother, sons, grandsons, her brothers, and sons of her brothers and sisters.

Hence if the woman concerned does not have a mahram then she cannot travel in this way i.e. with her friends and their Mahrams.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best