Using Facebook

By Shafiq Jakura / M.D Mangera
Posted: 26 Jamad ul awwal 1434, 06 April 2013

Q.)I am too confused whether to use Facebook or not.

A.) Facebook and other social networks in of themselves are not Haram. However, viewing content that is not permissible to view or communicating with those whom it is not permissible to communicate with, is Haram. Hence if one limits one's use of facebook and other social networks to permissible activities then utilizing facebook etc. will not be Haram. However, if one utilizes facebook etc. for impermissible viewing or communication then such usage of the program will be deemed impermissible and such viewing and communication will be regarded as sinful.

Further, if one has no need to utilize facebook etc. for communication or other permissible work then one should avoid using it because of the numerous harms and evils associated with it as well as the involvement of facebook in the blasphemy of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam). It has been noted that people are generally unable to control their temptations and innocent usage of the program often leads one to sin. Therefore, we would not encourage the usage of social networks.

In some instances it may be noticed that certain Ulama or Organizations use such social media for certain strategic purposes. Such usage is acceptable/tolerable if it is based on a specific wisdom and purpose that they may have. Where this does not exist, the usage of such social media should be avoided.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best