Money found on the floor

By Mufti Shafiq Jakura and Mufti M.D. Mangera
Posted: 8 Rajab 1434, 18 May 2013

Q.): What do we do with money found on the floor?

A.)  If you feel that someone may pocket it unjustly, then pick it up and find the owner. Otherwise just leave it there.

If one knows the owner or one feels that the owner will be disturbed by losing the money and the place is such that the money will be taken away without the owner being sought, then one may pick up the money with the sole intention of searching for the owner and returning the wealth.

If the owner cannot be located after investing reasonable effort and time in his search, one may either keep the money in trust or give it in charity on behalf of the owner. (One cannot take the money for personal use, unless one is poor and needy.) However, in the case where it was given to the poor and needy or used by oneself, then if the owner thereafter appears and demands his money, one will be obligated to repay the owner the money.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.