Child Custody after Divorce and Mother's Remarriage

By Mufti Shafiq Jakura and Mufti M.D. Mangera
Posted: 18 Rabi at-Thani 1435, 18 February 2014

Q.): Kindly explain custody rights of the mother after she remarries.

A.)  A mother looses the right to custody if she marries a non-mahram relative of the child. In this case the right to custody will move on to the maternal grand mother. Should the mother be divorced by the second husband she will again have the right to custody of the child for the duration/age the mother is entitled to custody in the Shariah – i.e. boy till the age of 7/8 and girl till the age of 9/10.

وَمَنْ سَقَطَ حَقُّهَا بِالتَّزَوُّجِ يَعُودُ إذَا ارْتَفَعَتْ وَإِذَا كَانَ الطَّلَاقُ رَجْعِيًّا لَا يَعُودُ حَقُّهَا حَتَّى تَنْقَضِيَ عِدَّتُهَا لِقِيَامِ الزَّوْجِيَّةِ كَذَا فِي الْعَيْنِيِّ شَرْحِ الْكَنْزِ

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best