Beard Length: Is it a Hanafi or Deobandi Issue?

By Mufti Taqi Usmani
Posted: 10 Shawwal 1423, 15 December 2002

Q.) According to the Deobandi scholars the fist full of the beard is wajib. If not please clarify. However, there are famous scholars like Dr. Sheikh Ramadan Al-Bouti who trim their beards less then that. A good number of Shuyookh from Syria also trim their beards. Their opinion is that it is okay to trim less than a fist. The Deobandi scholars term men with less than a fist of beard as fasiqs. So what about these pious and knowledgable ulama? Are they considered fasiqs? Or do the Ulama of Deoband recognize their opinion. I follow the Deobandi opinion but I respect these ulama who trim less than a fist. I find it difficult to take lessons from them. What is your advice? [Sheikh Faisal]

A.) It is mentioned in the Hanafi books that the jurists are unanimous on the ruling that a Muslim is obligated to grow his beard to the extent of one fist. As for the practice of some scholars of Middle East you should approach them about its permissibility.