Compensation For Probable Damage to Another Car

By Mufti Muhammad Kadwa
Posted: 10 Shawwal 1423, 15 December 2002

Q.) I was returning from a religious gathering. I reversed my car, but while doing so failed to see that another car was parked very near it. As a result my car hit the bumper of the other car parked on the other end of the road and a sound was heard. I stopped my car and paused for a minute to see if there was any damage caused due to it. I could not see any and therefore thinking that only the bumpers had collided I drove away. However, after some while I started thinking what if my action had caused some damage to the car and instead of giving just a cursory look I should have stood out from the car to gauge the situation more carefully. Now I am very worried and want to ask what should I do? And if some damage was in fact caused to the car how can I compensate? [Faisal Waqar Ali]

A.) Modern motor vehicles are built such that the slightest bump could cause considerable damage that is not easily visible to the untrained eye. In the case mentioned, you should have assessed the collision more carefully or you should have asked the other owner to get his car inspected by an expert and compensate him for any damage caused.

Nonetheless, since you failed to do what was required of you, you should endeavor to locate the owner of the other car and compensate him for damages, if any. However, if you fail to locate the owner and you are confident that you could have caused damage to his car, give charity to that amount to the poor on behalf of the owner. And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best