Girls' Night Out at the Masjid

By Mufti Taqi Usmani
Posted: 28 Safar 1423, 11 May 2002

Q.) What is the ruling for organizing a night-out for girls in the masjid. They spend the whole night in the masjid under the supervision of some sisters, play basketball, do some dhikr, pray tahajjud etc., and leave after fajr.

A.) It is not advisable to organize a night-out in Mosque. In fact the Holy Qur'an has ordained for the women to remain in their homes to the maximum possible extent. They are allowed to go out of their homes only for their needs. But it was not deemed advisable for them even in the days of the Holy Prophet (SAW) to go to the Mosque to offer prayers. After the Holy Prophet (SAW) Sayedina Umar (R ) has expressly forbidden women from attending the Jamaat in a Masjid. It was a decision fully endorsed by all the companions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and by Sayedina Ayesha (R ). When it is not deemed fit to go to a Masjid for a short time to offer prayer, how can it be allowed to spend a full night in the mosque?