Jumu'ah Prayer for Employees of Non-Muslims

By Mufti Taqi Usmani

Q. 1) In what circumstances, the follower of one school of fiqh can seek solution to his problems by acting upon the teaching of other school of fiqh? (Ahmad Ali, London)

A. 1) It is not permissible for a layman to pick and choose from different juristic schools according to his own whims and desires. However, a person who has vast knowledge of the sciences of the Qur'an, the Sunnah and the Islamic jurisprudence can issue a fatwa in accordance with the ruling given by any other recognized school, either on the strength of its arguments based on the Qur'an and sunnah or on the basis of collective need of the Ummah.


Q. 2) We can manage to perform our daily prayers, but our main problem is with regard to Juma prayer. Most of the Muslims around here are employees of the firms owned by the Jews and the Christians who generally do not allow us enough time to go to the Jamia mosques. What, in these circumstances is advisable for us?

A. 2) A Muslim should try his best to convince his employer to give him permission to perform Jumu'ah prayer in a mosque, because it is a religious obligation, and every person has a right to perform his religious obligations even in a secular state. If the employer does not give permission, the same should be sought by approaching legal authorities, or should try to get some other job where this obligation may be fulfilled properly.


Q. 3) Is it permissible by the Shariah to conduct our own Juma prayer and Khutbah, while number of Muslims available for Juma prayer will not exceed four or five? What is the minimum number of people required for Juma congregation?

A. 3) In cases of genuine need, it is permissible for the Muslim employees to arrange for their own Jum'ah prayer in their working place. The minimum number required for Jumu'ah prayer is three persons other than the imam (i.e. a total of four persons). The Imam should recite two khutbas, then lead the prayer. This arrangement should be taken as a last resort and should be discontinued as soon as the employees are able to go to a proper mosque for Jum'ah prayer.