Missed Thana in Salat

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Posted: 16 Jamad-u-Thani 1423, 25 August 2002

Q.) I was leading Jummua Salat in my school of about 30 people. And this was my first time, so I was nervous and I couldn't remember "Opening Supplications" or (Subhana Kallah humma wabi hamdika watabara kasmuka wata 'ala jad-duka wala ilaha ghayruk). So I skipped it and started reciting Sura Fatiha, and I didn't do anything after that i.e. re-pray, do Sajda, etc. After that I have made Tauba (Allah forgive me and next time I'll be ready before I lead prayer) and I prayed two rakat of Salatul-Tauba. What should I do now? What is the proper thing to do now? [Abu Zafar]

A.) The recitation of the Thana (dua in question) is Sunnah. It is not necessary to repeat the Salat or make Sajda-e-Sahw if one omits a Sunnah. Therefore, your Salat was complete.

In future, ensure that you are well-prepared and concentrating before the commencement of Salat so that you would be able to discharge the Salat together with all the Sunan and Mustahabbaat. And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best