Parents Demands Regarding Wife

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Posted: 11 Safar 1424, 13 April 2003

Q.) My wife spent her forty days after giving birth to our son at her parents house with my permission. But my parents kept on insisting to bring her back to my house after a few days, and I politely refused to bring her home until she completed her forty days. Of course this made them quite upset and they said that they will not speak to me and won't bless me as well. Is my parents act correct? Did I do something wrong by not accepting their demand and doing what I thought was right for my wife at the time of her delivery and thereafter?

A.) The decision for your wife to spend any period of time after birth at her parent's home is your prerogative. You and your wife have the right to mutually decide. It is not your parent's prerogative. Your attitude to politely refuse their instructions was correct. It is incorrect for them to stop speaking to you. However, as a son, you should tolerate that and make dua to Allah to open their hearts to you. And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best