Questions Regarding Prayer Hall

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q.) In our company where I work, there is a hall which is dedicated for performing prayers. There is no Imam and Muezzin assigned. Anybody becomes the Imam. Except for Fajr prayers all prayers are performed there at proper timings with Azan.

1) Will the Prayer performed there be 27 times better than individual prayer?
2) Is the other advantages of mosque will be applied to it. For e.g. the reward that will be given on every step for going to the mosque.
3) Can the dua used for entering mosque be read there. What about the intention of Aitikaf?

A.) Salat performed in congregation at the designated hall is superior (27 times) than Salat performed individually. The Du'a before entering a Masjid may be recited and intention for Nafl I`tikaaf may also be made before entering the hall for Salat. Similarly, one will receive reward for every step taken towards the hall for Salat. However, performing Salat at the hall will not attain the virtue of performing Salat at the Masjid. And Allah Ta„la Knows Best.