Laws of Performing Qadhaa Salats

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Posted: 24 Shawwal 1423, 29 December 2002

Q.) Kindly explain in detail the Shari'ah laws of performing Qadhaa Salats. Your advice in fulfilling the Qadhaa Salats will be appreciated.

A.) Qadhaa is made only for Fardh and Witr Salats.

In calculation, there will be six (6) Salats per day, one hundred and eighty (180) Salats per month, two thousand, one hundred and sixty (2160) Salats per year. Calculate the number of missed Salats from the time of Buloogh (maturity). If one is unable to calculate the actual number of missed Salats, due to not having any records, then he/she should apply his/her honest discretion in calculating the missed Salats.

It is not permissible to give Fidyah (monetary compensation) for the missed Salats if one is able to fulfill the Qadhaa Salats. The Fidya for each missed Salat is the same as Sadaqatul Fitr ($7.00 in USA, R7.00 in South Africa, check with local scholars for other areas ). A bequest should be made during one's lifetime to pay the Fidya for the unfulfilled Qadhaa Salats from one third of one's estate after fulfillment of debts.

Thank Allah Ta'ala for giving you the concern to fulfill the missed Salats. How will one face Allah Ta'ala on the day of Qiyaamat should he/she pass away without fulfilling the Qadhaa Salats? An easy method to fulfill the Qadhaa Salats is, after each daily Fardh Salat, for example, after Dhuhr Salat of today, perform one Dhuhr Qadhaa Salat. And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.