Dua for Taraweeh Break; Celebration for Khatam-e-Qur'an

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Posted: 4 Shawwal 1422, 19 December 2001

Q.) 1.) During Taraweeh prayers after every fourth rakat, people recite a dua, loudly, literally like signing. Is this valid?

2.) After the Qur'an is finshed should the Imam be congratulated and given flowers, presents? They actually conducted a ceremony.... like a mehendi. [Anaf Durrani]

A.) After every four rakats of taraweeh, the congregation should pause and engage in any form of zikr. It is incorrect to insist on the recitation of any particular dua or zikr in a particular way – singing, etc.

The completion of the Qur'an is indeed an act of great merit and virtue and the hafiz may be congratulated for that. However, in that procedure, there should not be any practice that resembles the celebrations of non-Muslims.