Definition of Traveler in Shafii Mazhab

By Shaikh Taha Karran
Posted: 2 Zul-Qa'dah 1423, 5 January 2003

Q.) I would like to know that for a person who follows Shafiee Mazhab, what length of time is it necessary for him to be staying at a locality for him NOT to be considered a Musafir (traveler); And also what distance must he travel away from his home before being considered a Musafir. If he is traveling, but not considered a Musafir, then must he pray the full 4 rakaats of Zuhr, Asr, and Ishaa even if the Imam (who is a Musafir) prays 2 rakaats? If he leads the Salat, is it permissible for him to pray 2 rakaats, or MUST he pray 4 rakaats?

A.) When a traveler stays at a location for a minimum of 4 days excluding the days of arrival and departure, he is no longer considered a musafir. The distance he has to travel in order to enjoy the concessions of a musafir is 80km. If he is traveling but he is not considered a shar'i musafir, then he must pray the full Salat, even if his imam is a musafir who is praying a shortened Salat. If he himself is the imam, he must pray the full Salat. Wallahu Ta'ala A'lam