Working for a Pork Processing Plant

By Mufti Taqi Usmani
Posted: 28 Zul-Qa'dah 1422, 11 February 2002

Q.) I am a meat inspector and I do inspection for different processing plants in Toronto. I was also asked to go and do inspection in a 100% pork plant where only Pork is cut and processed. As a Muslim can I do this? Please enlighten and guide me the correct way. Jazakallah [Shakeel Hamid]

A.) If the Plant itself is designed exclusively for pork production it is not permissible for you to render any service to that Plant. But if the plant can be used for pork products as well as for other meat products, then, merely rendering the service to that plant is not haram. But still it is desirable to avoid it if it is known that it is being used 100% for pork products. This is about inspection of the plant but if the inspection is for the pork products then it is not allowed in any way.