Writing Software for Financial Company

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Posted: 22 Rajab 1423, 29 September 2002

Q.) I work as a software quality assurance analyst at one of the giant financial/brokerage firm here in USA. My job is to do the testing for software applications, which financial consultants and our company clients use. Am I becoming part of getting Riba or Usury since my source of income is coming from financial transactions and trades?

I am supporting my family and it is very hard to find new job here in US please tell me any Zikar or Dua that will help me to find 100% halal job.

A.) Your profession as a software engineer is Shari'ah Compliant. However, your services to the financial firm will contaminate your salary as it will be from their income which is only through interest bearing deals.

If you do not have an adequate alternative now, you will be excused for continuing your employment there due to the need for supporting your family. In the meanwhile, you should search for an adequate alternative. We advise you recite, 'Allaahumma ikfinaa bihalalika an haramika wa aghninaa bi fadhlika amman siwaaka'.